In 2020 we sowed the seeds for real and lasting change, in 2021 it’s time to continue striving to work, think, and act differently for the benefit of the South Australian community.

By Niall Fay, FFF CEO

Last year much of the talk in our sector revolved around how the conditions for change, at both the community and systems level, were ripe. Conversations, conferences, and presentations (mostly held online) circled around how philanthropy needed to come alongside community and the not-for-profit sector to capitalise on these conditions, while remaining responsive to emergent and growing community need. As we embark on 2021, my hope is that this promise of change occurs.

For Fay Fuller, 2021 sees the exciting launch of our Spark Grants, the entry point of our three-stage/ five-year mental health and well-being granting pathway. In designing this process, we focussed on:

  • how to best develop reciprocal partnerships;
  • making an application process that was clear and accessible; and
  • reaching out to invite interest from a broader audience (not just the usual suspects).

2021 also sees an expansion of the Fay Fuller team as we welcome Shane Hearn – we are excited by the experience, knowledge, and expertise that he brings. We’ve already been benefitting from his calming influence in a time of rapid change for the Foundation and his innate systems thinking ability.

Finally, 2021 sees the kick-off of year one of the 10 year Our Town rural and regional mental health initiative. It’s hard to believe that we are only embarking on year one given the deeply consultative work done to date by all six teams during the selection process. We are excited to continue supporting this vital community network as they drive for better mental health outcomes within their towns and cast their eyes to influencing a mental health system that is currently not up to meeting community need.

In 2021, as always, we remain open to meeting and partnering with anyone that may be interested in the Our Town initiative, Spark Grants, or our broader work in mental health and wellbeing and will continue to share our learnings.