The Fay Fuller Foundation was established in 2003 as a Private Philanthropic Foundation by Margaret Fay Fuller.

Born in 1926 to Charles and Lillian Fuller of Mitcham, South Australia, Margaret Fay Fuller (quickly dubbed Fay) was vibrant, inquisitive, and a much-loved little sister to Dorothy Jean Fuller.

In a pioneer move for a woman of that era Fay studied business at Stott’s Business College before taking up work as a ledger keeper. After her father’s sudden death in 1955 she took over the family’s stock portfolio and real estate holdings. At just 29, Fay’s business acumen meant she was able to not only manage her late father’s investments but to successfully grow them.

Margaret `Fay' Fuller

Fay’s interest in issues of health funding and the impact of serious illness on families was precipitated by her experience caring for family members during illnesses. After facing several tragic personal losses, she began making private donations to various health-based charities across South Australia.

In 2003, looking to increase her philanthropic giving Fay established The Fay Fuller Foundation. The Foundation was set up with a broad and flexible remit to support the health of South Australians. Since its inception the Fay Fuller Foundation has distributed over $15 million to almost 60 organisations across South Australia.

Despite feeling a sense of pride in the Foundation and its contribution to the health landscape of S.A., Fay’s humility and private nature meant that the Foundation’s work was performed quietly with little recognition of her involvement.

Fay passed away peacefully in 2017 aged 91 and is remembered by those who knew her as pragmatic, candid, and fiercely South Australian. Her legacy lives on through the work of the Foundation.