Carolyn Curtis


Carolyn has dedicated her career to people and unlocking their potential.

The CEO of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Carolyn is a passionate social innovator who thrives on the challenge of finding new and better ways to solve complex problems. She loves changing hearts and minds and helping people discover what’s possible through testing their assumptions and creating bold experiments.

Under Carolyn’s leadership, TACSI works on some of our most complex social challenges – from the pressures of an ageing population, to growing inequality and out-dated and ineffective public services. She was founding Director of Family by Family, TACSI’s first venture, which is now expanding within Australia and internationally. Carolyn believes in leading from behind her talented team and influencing from the front.

She hopes the future will see philanthropic organisations join forces with other sectors and people with lived experience to match the scale of our big social challenges. She believes that this will require everyone to reflect on their own power and privilege, be open to learning and failing, and playing the long game.

Carolyn is also a Non-Executive Director for world-leading social innovation network, The Social Innovation Exchange and serves on the board of The Difference Incubator.

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