David Minns


David has developed an extensive stable of financial businesses across his career but it’s his work in philanthropy that gives him the most satisfaction. He enjoys the feeling that he’s making a difference to people’s lives and seeing South Australian contributions to the national and world stage.

David is the Executive Chairman of Chartered Accounting and Advisory firm Jaquillard Minns, based in Adelaide and is also a founder and director of SuperGuardian, Xpress Super and Portfolio Guardian. He further founded JM Philanthropy, a bespoke service that helps people to identify and achieve their goals for giving.

When David’s not overseeing these business interests, his spare time is mainly devoted to serving on a series of boards and committees, many related to philanthropy.  Aside from the Fay Fuller Foundation, David also gives his time to the Wyatt Trust, Ukaria, Pembroke School and the Pembroke Foundation. He brings his business experience and insights to these roles and gets a lot of personal satisfaction from helping to improve the governance functions of these organisations. For David it’s about big picture thinking and demonstrating to others what’s possible.

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