Niall Fay

Chief Executive

As the Fay Fuller Foundation’s Chief Executive, Niall’s job is to steer the Foundation, ensuring that our actions align with our purpose. Best described as having a non-linear background, our fearless CEO brings a little something new to philanthropy having worked across government, business, and university sectors in a mind-boggling array of roles and focus areas. He’s passionate about bringing together exceptional people and organisations to solve complex problems and believes that modern challenges are best addressed cooperatively but ultimately led by the voice of community.

Keen to make big changes and unafraid to be first through the wall, Niall’s goal is to drive change around impact-driven, purposeful, and people-centred philanthropic funding. Niall is especially skilful at meeting people where they are and bringing them along on the journey. He’s a deep thinker and draws the connections others may overlook.

Niall spends as much of his downtime as possible with his family while keeping an eye out for sadly neglected cacti to rescue and performing seemingly endless renovations.

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