Nick Ross


Nick’s career has focused on investment and wealth management and running parallel has been a strong interest in philanthropy. He is a founding partner and managing director of Adelaide based Knightsbridge Wealth Management, which he helped establish in 2012. In his earlier career, he worked for international investment firms in Sydney and as manager and senior advisor of investment firm, Ord Minnett Ltd, in its Adelaide office for 15 years.

On the philanthropic side, he also chairs the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation and serves as director of the Klein Family foundation and Pembroke School foundation. His personal passions include medical research, education, youth at risk and the arts.

Nick says the most exciting development he’s seen at the Fay Fuller Foundation has been the on-going and productive relationship with the Molecular Signalling Laboratory, led by Professor Stuart Pitson.  The foundation’s long-term support has provided the leverage for further funds to be sourced and ongoing employment to highly skilled medical scientists.

He believes that philanthropy should take a long-term view and focus on projects that government is unwilling or unable to fund, or can only partially fund. Nick also wants to see more activism in philanthropy and for foundations to step up and take ownership of projects, in order to make a difference. ​

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