Stacey Thomas

Chief Executive

Stacey is an experienced philanthropic and non-profit specialist who is passionate about empowering others to create the change they want to see. She believes that philanthropy can offer resources but the true power of change should lie with the people whose lives are impacted in the areas in which foundations work.

Stacey has previously worked in management roles for the Myer Family Company, Telstra Foundation and the Trust Company. She has been at the helm of the Fay Fuller Foundation since 2015. The most exciting development she’s seen has been the way the foundation has embraced turning a lens on itself. The result has been a real understanding of how to do the job better, forge strong relationships and shift power imbalances. This has been an ongoing process that has been challenging at times, but has also been empowering for both the foundation and organisations it works with.

Stacey regularly works with philanthropists and foundations from around Australia and brings this depth of knowledge and experience to the foundation’s day-to-day work. She also lends her expertise to a series of boards with current appointments including Philanthropy Australia and the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation Advisory Council.

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