Margaret (Fay) Fuller grew up in Adelaide.

In her late 20s, she took over the running of her father’s investments when he died, including a portfolio of investment properties. In turn, Fay set up her own Foundation in 2003 in order to give back to the South Australian community. Fay passed away at home in Mitcham in 2017, aged 91.

Margaret `Fay' Fuller

Since its inception the Fay Fuller Foundation has distributed more than $14.5 million to almost 60 organisations in South Australia across a wide range of project areas including those close to the heart of our founder. We have distributed funds to organisations supporting children, health-related issues, education and scientific research. In recent years we have narrowed our focus and now support projects that improve the health of South Australians, especially in the area of public health.

We believe in the benefit of long-term partnerships with organisations and approximately half of our recipients have been part of our large grants program, most over multiple years.