Our values and principles are active. They are embedded into the structure of our organisation, and manifest in the approach we take and the partners we fund.

We will listen to the voice and perspectives of First Nations peoples, recognising that the Foundation has benefitted as a result of land that was never ceded. We will foster equitable partnerships with First Nation’s People, building pathways that ensure self-determination.


We partner with communities and recognise that they know best. We listen and respond to the diverse voices, experiences, and needs of the community.


We are open about our successes, failures, and learnings. We make information about the foundation and our practices accessible.


We invest in partnerships over outcomes because we recognise the benefit of collaboration and the value of the process.


We use our position to challenge inequitable systems and structures. Our granting practices will continually evolve to remove barriers to participation and build capability of our partners.


We provide the conditions for our partners to do things differently, giving them space to learn, reflect, and adapt throughout the process.

Learning and Sharing

We will regularly reflect on our work, using what we learn to inform future practices and encouraging our partners to do the same. We will share what we learn to create collective knowledge and understanding