When is it ok to be different?

Our Town is a program designed to offer up to ten years of financial support to two South Australian towns but at its heart, we are hoping to demonstrate how with the right conditions and resources, communities can deliver their own solutions to mental health challenges. Implementing such an approach, one that many people, service […]

Systems change and philanthropy: Taking risks and achieving greater impact

What can be achieved when a global group of philanthropic foundations come together to explore what risk looks like when trying to achieve greater impact through systems change for complex problems? We aimed to explore this by working with the Social Innovation Exchange and their Funders Node – the bringing together of over 50 different […]

Health Needs and Priorities in South Australia

When we think of what it means to be ‘healthy’ or what it means to focus on our ‘wellbeing’, as individuals these concepts are generally part of the same conversation. But what happens when the system that is there to diagnose, treat and support us, sees them as two separate elements? South Australia has an […]

Data is key to improving Aboriginal health outcomes

There are countless reports, strategies, programs and policies aimed at ‘closing the gap’ for Aboriginal people across South Australia, with most focusing on a state-wide level of reporting and monitoring.

And yet, it is known that some Aboriginal communities have better health and social outcomes than other Aboriginal communities.  The ‘why’ some communities fare better than others is often unknown.

Capacity building versus capability building

For a number of years now the notion of capacity building has been a topic of conversation in philanthropic circles.It features at discussion groups, networking events and conferences.

How can philanthropy build the capacity of the non-profit sector? How can we encourage people to consider granting funds for core costs rather than just projects?