Connecting young carers with support

Imagine falling asleep at school because you are so exhausted from providing overnight care, every night, to a parent.

Or having the potential to excel at school but your home caring role is so all-consuming that you can’t see a future beyond collecting welfare payments? Or missing school regularly to provide practical and emotional support to your mentally ill mum?

Young people to be first responders for mental health

Young people will be on the front line of a new project that aims to reduce mental health hospital admissions in South Australia.

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) will work with young people, their communities and key stakeholders to research, develop and test new interventions that seek to address the mental wellbeing of South Australians.

Bringing lived experience to mental health leadership

Nurturing the rise of leaders who have personal experience of mental health issues is at the heart of a new research partnership for the Fay Fuller Foundation.

The project, a partnership between the Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network (LELAN) and the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research Group (MHSPRG) from the University of South Australia (UniSA), is one of the latest recipients of our Discovery Grants.

Discovery grants turn up the volume on mental health

Ways to amplify the voices of people who have lived through mental health and social issues has emerged as a theme in our latest round of Discovery Grants.

Our Discovery Fund grant round is designed to support organisations who want to answer questions and build evidence that will lead to significant and positive changes to our health system. The recipients of our 2019 grants all share the goal of bringing people with lived experience of health, particularly mental health, into the research and planning picture as key advisers.

Systems change and philanthropy: Taking risks and achieving greater impact

What can be achieved when a global group of philanthropic foundations come together to explore what risk looks like when trying to achieve greater impact through systems change for complex problems? We aimed to explore this by working with the Social Innovation Exchange and their Funders Node – the bringing together of over 50 different […]