The Discovery Fund is a grant program designed to support organisations seeking to find answers, answers that will provide the information and evidence needed to address significant health issues.

These grants are here to support the brave, those asking questions and entering into the unknown.

We know how South Australia compares on many different health indicators, but often we don’t know why or how to change this. Discovery grants aim to assist in getting the evidence and practice needed to create lasting health solutions and interventions.

Examples of questions the Foundation has supported organisations to find answers to include Why does South Australia have the highest asthma related mortality and What does a non-profit organisation need to do to be NDIS ready?

2019 Discovery Fund Projects

How to identify, reach and provide the best resources for young carers

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden

How to equip young people to become first responders in a mental health crisis

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and Youth Inc.

How to elevate people with lived experience of mental illness to leadership positions

LELAN (Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network) and UniSA

How to create a workforce of peer workers who have lived experience of mental health using a cooperative model

Don Dunstan Foundation and the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia