The purpose of our granting program is to support the Foundation’s mission to resource partners, support bold ideas, and equip communities to address health and wellbeing challenges and actively participate in the creation and transfer of knowledge and learning to support social good.

We resource community through different approaches, all of which are informed by our values and principles. In each of our approaches we work to establish trust-based partnerships and invest in taking the time to understand the challenges, opportunities, and strengths within communities.

The Our Town initiative, a ten-year community led, designed, and delivered program is an example of our approach to partnering.

Another way in which we resource community is through our mental health and wellbeing programmatic grants. These grants are for the purpose of discovering and investing in bold and innovative ideas that will advance practice and offer alternative responses to complex mental health and wellbeing challenges.

The FFF adopts a holistic approach to mental health that is strengths based, wellbeing focussed and cognisant of the complex interplay between social, environmental, psychological and biological factors. While we value and respect mainstream mental health responses, we recognise that to shift from treatment to prevention we need to begin strengthening both individual and community capability to support one another and in turn build better mental health and wellbeing for the South Australian community.

The diagram below captures our programmatic grant stream in the mental health and wellbeing space:

There is the potential for an organisation, or an individual partnered with an organisation to receive a discrete Spark or Discovery Grant, or to move through all three streams over a five-year period.

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