The 2021 Spark Grants round received 57 applications, of these the following six were selected:

Breakthrough Mental Health – Unravelling the minefield that is accessing mental health support during a crisis.

Mapping the many pathways through South Australia’s mental health system.

Murray Mallee GP Network – Exploring the viability of a social enterprise with multi layered purpose.

How do we create opportunities for meaningful activity and connection for the purpose of addressing social determinants of poor mental health in our community?

Plaza Youth Centre – Engaging with our community to determine new paths to connection

How do we address the root causes of social isolation for our young people in Whyalla and Port Augusta?

St. John’s Youth Services – Offering pathways to wellbeing

Working alongside those accessing our services to explore what they would like to see in an offering of wellbeing support.

Talk Out Loud – Supporting the progression to recovery for young people through informed resource design

Engaging with young people to design appropriate resources to support young people experiencing emotional crisis or distress.

Tribes United Fitness – Healing on Country, reclaiming power

Consulting with community to design a strengths-based approach for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to come together to learn, listen, heal, and reclaim their power.

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