Applications for 2021 have closed, announcements will be made in the week commencing 31 May.

Your Application

Your Spark application can take any form, for example 1-2 pages of writing or a 2-5 minute video, we don’t want you investing too much of your time or resources and encourage you to be brief and get to the heart of the matter. Please read the information packs at the bottom of the page before you start your application.

Your submission should speak to each of the questions/ statements below:

1. Describe what is important to you about how you work with community.
We believe that community and people with lived experience know best. We want to know what informs how you work with community.
2. Share your idea with us.
We want to know what idea, question, challenge, opportunity has you excited. We don’t expect you to have it all worked out yet, but give us a broad understanding.
3. What inspired your idea?
We are looking to understand “why this idea?” – what did you see, hear, read, discuss that made you think of your idea and the difference it could make?
4. How might you explore and test your idea?
We are looking to understand how you might explore your concept and it’s alignment with the intention of Spark. There is no need for a timeline or even a budget and we recognise that your approach might change or evolve over time.
5. What support or resources other than funding would help you do this?
We are looking to partner with you and want to know how else we can support you to explore this idea.

Submitting Your Application

If your organisation has an existing Grant Toolbox account you will be invited to login, if not you can create a new account using your organisation’s ABN.

If the ABN or contact information already exists in the Grant Toolbox system but you do not know the login details you can request a new contact and login be created by using the Organisation Already Exists button. Please note this can take 24-48hours.

We recommend you set up your account or login to Grant Toolbox the week before submissions close to avoid any technical difficulties.

Having issues using Grant Toolbox? – contact us for a Tips and Tricks Guide or contact the Grant Toolbox support team at