First and foremost we are looking to develop meaningful relationships with the organisations we partner with and the communities in which we work.

We look to develop strong relationships both before and during the life of our funded projects. 

A point of difference for our foundation is that we are generally not looking to fund ongoing programs or services. Instead want to increase the capability of organisations to deliver positive health outcomes, which relates to the skills or processes that are required. For organisations new to the Foundation, this is usually through our Discovery Fund grant round.

We look at an organisation’s commitment to collaboration and working alongside those they seek to support. It’s about working with people and organisations rather than imposing solutions on them.

Skills and experience are also important as is passion for an issue.

Some of the questions we look to address in our evaluation of grant applications include:

  • Is this organisation the best placed to deliver the planned goals and outcomes?
  • What momentum does the organisation have to deliver on their particular issue?
  • How do they work with others in the sector and beyond?