We commissioned unique research into SA’s health needs and priorities to inform the direction of the Foundation’s future work

The Fay Fuller Foundation is committed to funding communities to address complex health challenges. In 2017, recognising the benefits of a stakeholder informed, evidence based approach to funding, we commissioned the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to undertake a study of the South Australian Health System and to identify current and future key needs and priorities.

SAHMRI and TACSI examined existing health data and conducted primary research with health professionals and members of the public accessing health services. The findings are presented in a report but also illustrated as a systems map, giving a holistic snapshot of the state’s health system.

Key findings from the report conclude:

      • There is a current focus on Health Prevention Strategies, which is supported by South Australians who expressed a desire for an even stronger focus on wellness rather than illness.
      • 48% of all respondents listed Mental Health as one of the most important issues for South Australia.
      • Access to Health Services is inequitable, especially for people living in rural or remote areas.

This research informs a shift in the Foundation’s practices to align more closely with the report’s conclusions and to address the gaps illustrated in the systems map. The shift includes a refocus from physical health outcomes  to mental health and wellbeing and the launch of a new funding initiative in regional South Australia, Our Town.

Read the full report and view the systems map via the links below.